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Roll Out the Green Carpet

Your space needs to go from 0 to beautiful as fast as possible. That doesn’t leave time for new construction--it barely leaves time for paint to dry. So what can you do to elevate your interior appeal and survive among modern trends? Easy; get an overnight Green Wall with our Artificial Boxwood Roll--the quickest path to a custom green wall, guaranteed to fit your space.

Ultra-compatible foliage like our Boxwood Hedge Roll is built with a flexible plastic mesh backing that allows them to be shaped according to the needs of your architecture, and their simple construction makes installation a snap. The rolls come in 2’, 3’ and 4’ widths, giving you incredible coverage with a single, seamless piece of foliage that looks totally organic.

Breaking  Out of the Ordinary

The building you’re in says everything about your brand. If you’re still in a concrete office block with a beige interior or a restaurant with decades-old wood paneling on the walls, it’s time to reinvent your look. A shift is happening in the design world as modern mindfulness bleeds into our culture, a shift that returns us to the basic ideas of life, community, and growth. This movement is centered around the presence of greenery indoors, and is known as the Biophilic movement, which literally means a “love for life”.

If you’re ready to take the next step in mindful design, to prove your brand and your space are aligned in the modern mindset, consider the Artificial Hedge Roll your fast-track to the front of the wave.