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Influential Style

Boxwood hedges have been incredibly popular throughout history, serving a dual purpose as both a status symbol and a stylish way to add privacy to your property. Both of those ideas are still alive today, as Boxwood hedges remain a massively popular choice for some of the most influential spaces. Many top luxury hotels and apartments are adopting this strategy to bring classy privacy to their pool decks and outdoor gardens by adding a modern artificial boxwood hedge, and their lead is being noticed in the world of modern landscape architecture.

In large retail spaces like shopping malls, an indoor faux hedge can be used to divide lanes of foot traffic in a way that’s not only unobtrusive and pleasant to look at, but fake boxwood hedges can actually improve the mood and lower the stress levels of shoppers passing by.

For Your Safety

As you explore the options to outfit your building or exterior with artificial Boxwood hedges, you may begin to see wildly different price points that cause a lot of confusion. This is due to the way the subject of safety is handled between sources. Many low-end products use a topical fire-resistant coating that causes the foliage to appear dusty and, over time, the coating will erode away, leaving the whole plant vulnerable to rapidly spreading flames.

At Commercial Silk, we take no shortcuts when it comes to your safety. Our indoor foliage is created with an infusion of fire-resistant particles during the injection mold process, making our product inherently fire-resistant and self extinguishing. No re-application, no replacement, no spreading flames.